Wheeling-LaBelle Cut Nails.

LaBelle has been a pre-eminent manufacturer of quality cut nails since 1852.  Today, the LaBelle facility stands as a national historical landmark, and ranks as America's largest producer of cut nails, supplying the building and heavy construction industries, as well as preservation sensitive restoration projects.  Wheeling-LaBelle welcomes inquiries from restoration organizations and individuals regarding the availability of historically accurate cut nails.  Email below, or call 1-800-935-9585.
(All Wheeling-LaBelle cut nails are
Made in the USA with steel from American steel mills.)   

Masonry Nail
Hardened steel, designed for applying furring strips and sole plates to concrete, cement building block, or brick walls.

Masonry cut nail. Cut masonry nail attaches furring strip to concrete block. Cut masonry nail used to apply furring strip.

Furring strips attached to CMU with Wheeling-LaBelle hardened cut nails.

Cut nails displace wood fibers downward, holding nail tightly in place.

A LaBelle cut nail cuts and displaces wood fibers
downward as it is driven.  Once set, these fibers hold the four sides of the cut edges tightly, making it virtually impossible for the nail to loosen and work its way loose.

Flooring Nail
Hardened steel nail for use on hardwood flooring or heavy plank floors.

Flooring cut nail. Flooring nail used to install hardwood floor.
Proper angle of placement for flooring nail in hardwood floor.

Proper placement of flooring nail in hardwood strip.

Boat cut nail.
Tie key cut nail.
Common cut nail.
Spike cut nail.

Boat Nail
Designed and primarily used for the construction of wooden boats. 
Available in galvanized.

Stainless steel cut nail.

Common Nail
Classic, multi-purpose nail suitable for a variety of applications;  widely used for framing, scaffolding, and general roughing-in work.

Tie Key
Wedge-type; used for pinning reusable concrete forms.  Permits quick and economical assembly/disassembly.  Available hardened or non-hardened.

For heavy timber construction:  wooden bridges, landscape
timbers, etc.

Stainless Nail                 
A premium, rust-proof
nail designed especially
for treated lumber and
outdoor projects: decks,
docks, fencing, etc.